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A disease of the eye that involves damage to the optic nerve. The optic nerve send visual signals to the brain, when damaged the brain does not receive a ll the signals that are being sent. Pressure build up is proven to be one of the major risk factors associated with Glaucoma. Can lead to gradual loss of vision and, if not managed can lead to blindness. Your vision may be preserved with early detection and a commitment to following treatment plan recommended by one of our Doctors here at Pima Eye Institute.

The pressure within the eye is called intraocular pressure or IOP. Detection and diagnosis early on is important to controlling IOP and preserving vision. Every optic nerve is unique and a special scan using the OCT will capture and save images of the nerve so that our Doctors can monitor any changes.

Different forms of Glaucoma may require different type of treatment plans. Although, there are several types of Glaucoma, the most common one is Open-angle glaucoma, 90% of all cases in the United State are this type. Nicknamed the “sneak thief of sight” because at the early stages it produces no symptoms. Slow to progress and without routine eye exams may not be diagnosed and not treated until loss of vision is noticed.

Closed-angle glaucoma symptoms can include severe pain, nausea, headache, and blurry vision. These symptoms are usually noticed immediately and caused by the blockage of the angle resulting in an increase of IOP. You should call Dr. Sanan or Dr. Tavares if you experience these symptoms.

Low- or normal-tension glaucoma occurs in patients that have normal eye pressure. Medication is used to lower the eye pressure and can slow the disease, there is no guarantee. Always share your medical history with your Eye doctor, this will help identify risk factors that contribute to this type of glaucoma.

Secondary glaucomacan be associated with advanced cataracts, eye surgery, eye injury, inflammation, diabetes, eye tumors and sometimes drugs. Treatment for this type will be determined by your doctor.

Congenital glaucoma is a birth defect that slows the normal drainage of the fluid within the eye. Children born with this type of glaucoma may have cloudy eyes, sensitivity to light, and a lot of tearing. Good vision can be preserved with prompt diagnosis and treatment. Surgery is a safe an effective treatment for this type of glaucoma.

Contact one of our Doctors here at Pima Eye Institute at 520.229.1554 to find the best options and a plan to keep your IOP under control.