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High Definition Visian

The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer Lens) offers individuals an alternative to traditional laser vision correction for achieving contact lens and spectacle freedom. the Visian ICL uses a unique collamer technology that is highly compatible with the body and provides vision that is vivid and sharp.

This Implatable lens works inside your eye to correct your vision. The visian ICL is inserted into the eye rather than placed on the surface of the eye. The ICL is intended to stay in position indefinitely, continuing to provide a long term solution to achieving clear vision. With the potential for good night vision and highly accurate results following a comfortable ten to fifteen minute procedure, the Visian technology is helping to revolutionize vision correction.

Over 99% of patients are satisfied with their vision after recieving the Visian ICL. One of Tucson's ophthalmologist, Lindsay Tavares, M.D., has undergone this procedure and is enjoying the freedom from contacts and glasses. After this quick outpatient procedurewith Ajay Sanan, M.D., you too can enjoy this freedom and the joy of sharper, vivd vision.

Contact Pima Eye Institute for a consultaion with Dr. Sanan to see if high definition Visian is an appropriate choice for you.



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